Delizie & Sapori BIO is a beautiful reality that was born in the heart of Emilia with the commitment to continue with passion and give our contribution in the field of organic food as regards bakery products such as, Rusks, Bruschettine, Snack etc. ... Fette Biscottate, Bruschettine, Snack ecc…

Great credit must be given to our employees who, with skilled craftsmanship and a lot of experience, are able to express the best that can still be done in this sector. 

During the production phases we use different flours, obtained from various types of cereals, such as spelled spelled, cappelli wheat, majorca wheat, buckwheat, khorasan Kamut, barley, oats and many others, many of these from the supply chain, together with mother yeast, malts, natural sweeteners, almonds, oil seeds, herbs, spices and Italian extra virgin olive oil.

Flours are always wholemeal or semi-wholemeal, in order to obtain products rich in fiber as required by those who follow a healthy diet. All products are regularly certified by ICEA, Organic Control Body

In this context, the company also produces in PL with third party brands

We only deal with quality organic products!

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